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20 September 2019
Dear members

As an additional aid to Sharing Best Practices, we have added a 'bot to to SPREAD.

SPREAD = Sharing (Best) Practices Readily & Easily Assists Delivery.

It has elements of machine-learning, but please bear with us as we refine it to better meet your needs.  Currently, you need to sign into Facebook Messenger to use it; that is because that allows our back-room expert(s) to track who is asking what and to programme the machine-learner.  

With time, we will expand the options to other platforms such as WeChat and so on.

Crikey, all this from a Free Forum!!!

After the latest membership spring-clean, we dropped from 2900 to 2300 members, but numbers are rising and stand at over 2500.

And remember, this gets paid for by the mother company (Relentless Pursuit of Perfection).  We have just finished our 460th Workshop (an u-ERD well land-to-shore here) and next week will be doing an MPD x HPHT DWOP in Cairo.

We have added the following services:
  • MPD-HPHT (already done three jobs) including coaching (imminent)  and DWoS.
  • Managed Projects (SE Asia only at this stage; we have just finished our first Design Stage job).  
  • Reviews (Kurdistan) and other technical services
Contact me at for a no-obligation discussion.

Best wishes


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