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Dear members

A few quick notes.

The host-company of SPREAD is Relentless Pursuit of Perfection.  We are a Performance Consultancy that specialises in “helping teams be the best they can”; using a variety of methods, mainly Well-on-Paper (478 x F2F, 78 x online, 3 x hybrid) and Coaching/Support.

It's not just DWOPs.

We've been doing SIMOPs-COMOPS, HAZID-HAZOP (Welltest and MPD), Well Control Refresher linked with DWOP, Well Specific Risk Assessment etc etc

For Geothermal, CCUS, Gas Storage etc

The Money that company makes goes to support this Free Forum.

As a promise to the Internet police, to ensure that SPREAD is not black-listed for sending emails to accounts that do not interface with it, we have to clean out our membership ranks from time to time.

This is an ongoing process, with the focus being on those who have neither raised a question or submitted an answer.

Those of you who joined in 2019 will be receiving an email shortly, asking if you still want to be a member,  We wait a week for a reply and then have no choice but to delete.

With kind regards



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