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Rp-squared awarded Performance Contract in Malaysia
29 May 2012
We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a one year contract to provide Continuous Improvement coaches to an established operator in Malaysia. The team has rolled over from the work that we had completed for another operator in the same country.

It shows how clients are seeking alternatives to the other, established (US-based) company in the region.

Another member of our team has been assigned to the team at TOTAL who are working on the Elgin Relief Well.

Meantime, our brand of enthusiastic and participative sessions is as popular as ever, recent activities being : Crew Alignment Sessions at the wellsite in PNG, Team-building in the Uk (Lotus F1 cars), Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) x HPHT HAZOPs, DWOPs in Africa and the UK.

We did a full Performance Gap Analysis for a client in Eastern Europe, but they did not have the appetite to follow up using our hands-on, behavioural approach.

Our MD (Dave Taylor) continues to give his time freely as Non-Executive Director of the London School of Energy Studies (LSES), which was established to give global opportunities to Engineers in "emerging countries"; it has already started to deliver 1-year conversion course (to Drilling Engineering) in India. Recently, he gave a speech at the Indian Institute of technology in Chennai on the topic of "Filling the skill gap as the Big Crew-change approaches". We are looking to pace up to 20 students (all previously qualified under-graduates) in "summer placement" for up to 3 months, free to the host.

Can you help these students ?

Also, take a look at the rp-squared company profile and ask yourself why you're not calling us to get a free proposal..

Kind regards

Dave Taylor
MD of Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Ltd (rp-squared to our friends)
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