321 Workshops, 14000 delegates, 178 wells teams .. and counting ..

Relentless Pursuit of Perfection (who provide this FREE site) are pleased to have welcomed their fourteen-thousandth delegate (14,000) to a Workshop that we've facilitated; an i-DWOP for a super-major operator who is about to embark on a multi-well subsea development. The previous Deepwater x HPHT Exploration well, for which we conducted performance training and 2 x i-DWOP, is 30 days ahead of AFE, and 40% better than prior wells.

At a recent Well-Cost Reduction Workshop in Africa, which was preceded by our Performance Awakening Seminar, the client was able to identify in excess of $13 million savings for their campaign which is due to spud towards the end of the year.

Elsewhere our wellsite and office coaches continue to help clients with maximising value and eliminating waste.

If you are struggling to get approval for wells, or needing to maximise "bang for your buck" from the existing budget, then maybe we can help you by showing investors that you have made every effort to minimise costs and maximise value.

We have continued to build our capability for just this moment in the industry-cycle.

Please see attached profile and a few of the many testimonials that we have received.

Just contact us at sales@rp-squared.com
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