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2018 will have been almost be a bumper year
01 December 2018
I'm just wrapping here for a wildcat DWOP in the Guyanas.

Before year end, we’ll have added DWOPs and Risk Assessments for wells in Mexico, Kurdistan, Indonesia and Romania. 

This totals 36 workshops, one (1) less than our record year (2014); covering Drilling, testing, Completions, Abandonments, Testing, Peer Reviews, AARs, HAZOPs, Risk Assessments. MPD, UDW, land, jack-ups, drillship, semis, platforms. And Unconventional in the US!

Seventeen (17) countries this year.

2019 will start with a bang: Myanmar, Azerbaijan, Japan, UK and Indonesia.

Our coaching team in the UK did such a good job that the client rolled them over onto a new-start rig.  We might not produce as many pretty graphs and KPI pie-charts, but our practical, hands-on team are making one helluva' difference!

  • One safety/efficiency item that we suggested was soo successful, that the Drilling Co is implementing it across the global fleet.
  • A 19-day Initial Technical Assessment by one of our field coaches has led our Queensland client to save  $330k per well, well-on-well.
  • We have several field coaches standing by (globally) and enough facilitators to handle in excess of 100 workshops a year.

We have further developed our Technical Services offering, our recruitment service and our HSE services (Human Factors, DROPS, Bridging Docs).

Watch this space and social media for some exciting announcement in the New Year.

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Congratulations to the people involved and above all for caring to show the others what they have achieved.

On the lifting subs side our auld answer was Aluminium ones...

On the slip & cut of drilling lines, I did always wonder if we should not make a careful inspection - by experts - of the piece cut to ensure we are cutting it at the right time. Not too early which is expensive; not too late which is unsafe.

Once long time ago I suggested that as a useful Research Project...

Season Greetings
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Hi folks

I have been asked about the safety-efficiency tool that our coaches introduced to the rig team.

Please click on the link below

Kinds regards


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Congratulations to yourself and your team. with this fantastic year.

It is well deserved as RP2 are the prefered supplier of professional and high quality DWOP and similar services world wide.
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Lest we forget Unconventional Operations in the US? 

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First of all Congratulations to yourself and all your Team for a great year with all your DWOP and other activities through another hard and demanding time in the Oil Industry.
It shows with your experience and having a Professional Team it pays off for the Oil Operators to listen and take it onboard your hands on experience to Drill and Complete Wells Safe, Efficient and within Budget
All the Best my Friend,
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