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Performance of Volant's Casing Running Tool (CRTi)
17 July 2019
We are planning to use Volant's Casing Running Tool (CRTi2-8.63HC750) for the first time in my company. Due to limitations there is no other option currently available.

Application is reaming while casing in very reactive/creeping shale(~200m). The section (~550m) has complete losses, generally a UBD setup with Aerated Mud or Foam is used to drill the section.
  • I wanted to inquire if anyone have had experience with this tool before?
  • Please comment how was the tool's performance?
  • What has been the failure ratio of this tool?
  • What are the weakness of this tool if I compare it with various casing drive tools already in use in the market. 

Additional Info: 
Hole Size: 26"
Casing Specs: 20" OD
133 ppf; K-55; BTC (with Torque Rings); 
Shoe: 20" x 24" Drill Shoe
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I haven't used the Volant CRT tool's but have personally used Weatherford's Mechanical and Hydraulic CRT's extensively with DwC (over 90 sections drilled 5 1/2" to 24" casing) plus RIH section and a few Tesco CRT DwC sections
Ensure that you have an experienced CRT operator with DwC experience on location for what ever CRT you use. Conduct a rig survey (connection analysis TDS to CRT) / alignment checks (Top Drive to rotary table) to prevent any thread damage
I have found that for larger casing sizes using a premium casing connection is better as it allows easier stabbing and quicker make up (less turns), higher torque ratings and alleviate's the use of any torque rings 
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I have a company that specialises in the Volant CRT tools here in Australia. We have drilled many CwD wells with our Volant CRTi's and CRTe's and find they are very robust without having any issues. I was involved in hydraulic set CRT's (Tesco, Franks, Weatherford and NOV's) but since being able to choose the best for clients the mechanical set CRT's by Volant are far more robust, compact and intuitively simple for all uses. We have worked with Volant and designed a CwD mandrel with a larger ID increasing the TFA allowing more flow specially for large bore wells such as you are drilling. We completed a 16" CwD section due to well bore conditions with the CRTi2-8.63 tool you have, which was successful saving our client 4 days.
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I recommend that you use the Franks CRT because of its robust nature.  I'm not sure if the Volant tool (which I've used for running and circulating 9-5/8" and 7") is robust enough to drill/ream with 20".  I have used the Franks tool drill 20" to 600m offshore E.Malaysia with excellent results.
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Hi, I have worked with the Volant CRTi for many years. The tool is very reliable and very easy to Rig-up. Key is to ensure the Driller is comfortable in operating the Tool.

As it's a purely mechanical tool with Torque Activated Wedge Grip technology, you do not have to worry about hydraulics etc. The operating procedures for latching and un-latching are very easy. Running speeds will depend on how comfortable the Driller becomes running the tool.

The overall operating envelope of this tool is quite big. I have both drilled / reamed many strings to bottom.

I would recommend this tool for problematic hole condition as well as from an HSE perspective.

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Predominantly only used hydraulic tools, but have used the volant tool recently for casing drilling operations and had no issues but due to limited experience cannot answer your questions. However a couple of operational notes to consider Do a rig survey to ensure correct threads to saversub and OD suitable thru grabber box. Check link tilt arms availability on location to pick casing out of the V_door. Ensure the Derrick is level over hole center, if it is not, then there will be difficulty stabbing connections and possible galling of threads. Ensure proper doping process of threads. Have an experienced CRT hand on location if using for the 1st time to help the drillers. Take your time, especially the 1st 5 to 10 joints, this is where you will run into problems ie galling, cross threading.
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