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First ever rig to use MPD Offshore Australia (how we helped)
14 February 2020

It's just been announced that the Maersk Deliverer semi-sub has had its Safety Case approved.  

It will be the first ever rig to use MPD offshore Australia.

I have now been given approval to expand a bit further on our role.

It was important for the Safety Case submission, that a well-known, technically capable and professional facilitator / report writer be used for the HAZOP studies.

My company, and myself, were chosen and facilitated a Process HAZOP in July 2019 and an Ops HAZOP in January 2020.

Maersk Drilling were our client, since they are providing an MPD-ready rig, and we worked with RPS, Inpex, Safekick and Weatherford at the HAZOPs.

We've been doing this kind of MPD support since 2014.  We facilitated both the HAZOP and DWOP for the record-breaking well PMCD in 2855m (water depth) in Malaysia.

We started our MPD journey in 2014, with a HAZOP the first ever BTR x PMCD off a dynamically-positioned rig.  Since then we’ve done multiple HAZOPs and DWOPs for first-ever applications of MPD and/or RGH systems in Angola, Canary Islands, Senegal, Mauritania, Cyprus, Ireland, French Guiana, Lebanon, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia.

We have also provided MPD services for overseeing installation, preparing procedures and Wellsite support for: Liner drilling, with Continuous Circulation and MPD!

We are also very closely linked with HPHT training and support and our associates are very active in the DWOS (Drill Well on Simulator) arena.

For more information on how we can help your Project, please contact:

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Good work RP2.

The evident truth in this and other regions particularly offshore drilling where margins narrow. 

Is that conventional drilling attempts have likely failed so many times with numerous well failures and significant loss resulting on wells to initiate what are essentially old school adaptive and adoptive solutions taken from land. 

Eg MPD rotating heads with a bloke on a choke has been around for decades. 

Lets trust that operator and Maersk have a successful campaign to M make P problems D disappear on this and future drilling campaigns. 

That may encourage many more to change and implement safer faster better wells at outcomes and technology advancements desired. 
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Wow, Paul!  Two responses in less than two hours, one from Spain and one from Aberdeen: and I thought that I moved fast!

I think that I know where you are coming from on both questions, so I will answer them in one fell swoop.

1.  Are more drill string well control valves used in the BHA or at surface?

There is a tendency to use more NRVs (Non Return Valves) in a BHA when using MPD.  Often two.  In the case where a circulating sub (ball activated) is used in the BHA, then a lot of company's will include provision for a DICV (Drop in Check Valve) to be landed ABOVE this sub in the event that out has been opened and then cannot be closed, for whatever reason.

And these should be tested before RIH. There are several ways to do this, but I recall something called the SUDELAC Sub Checker but I can't for the life of me remember who to contact?!

2.  Casing Floats

As YOU know, and have documented on Youtube, casing floats are prone to failure, especially those that are cemented into the shoe and left out in all weathers and subjected to harsh handling.

The fact that we don't see more 'floats not holding' after cement jobs is probably because we use TWO.  And the failures are possibly under-reported.

I constantly remind clients that they should use something called a SUDELAC Float Checker, but I can't for the life of me remember who to contact?

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Dave, In MPD are more drill string well control valves used in the BHA or at surface? 
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Dave, Congratulations on your MPD work. Can I ask during MPD is there anything during casing running or cementing that makes you want to more carefully check and pre-use test your float equipment?
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