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Sharing is a good sign of Caring
21 June 2020
Dear members

About 10 weeks ago, we had almost 3000 members on our active list.

Today that number stands at 2041! Yes, it's got less. It's called "high grading".

This site is a FREE site, that has cost me over $250,000 to set up and run.  It is my personal gift to an industry that gave my father, and now me, a great opportunity to mix with wonderful people.

Over the past 10 weeks, I have been contacting each member, personally with the email address here on SPREAD or using my subscription on Linked-IN to connect. Sooo few (<10%) have even responded!

All of these members once joined with the noble aspiration to share with others.

For over a thousand (1000) of our members, that dream has not become reality for whatever reason. However, I'm delighted to say that many have responded with kind words of encouragement and some have reacted by recruiting their network.

My review is now at members who joined in March 2018 (just over 2 years ago) and will continue contacting those newer members.

For those of you that care about sharing, and support what we are trying to do, please recruit your network (but ONLY people who think like you do) and also forward our SPREAD posts on Linked-IN.

SPREAD will always be free, but my motivation to invest in it does depend on how I feel it is perceived in the industry.

Best wishes


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Managing Director - S-energy Consultants and Rig Integrity Global Services (RIGS)
S-energy Consultants
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Thanks Dave, and all active members here.  This is indeed a great gift and resource to the industry, and wish you and RP2 many more years of success.

Best regards,


Rig_site Engineer
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i think one of the greatest things that happened to me yet is to join my spread and i must thank Tom Macrae because without his post on linkedln i couldn't have made it here.  your efforts Dave are priceless and i can not thank you enough . wish you the best of health .

Rig Intake Advisor
SPREAD Associates
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I just wanted to echo what the others are saying.

DON'T STOP!! Keep up the great work mate.

We all keep sharing and learning.

Perfect outcome and what it's all about.


Ops Mgr
KCA DEUTAG Drilling Ltd
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Hiya Dave, I'm unfortunately one of those that sits in the background and does not contribute. I do very much appreciate the site and you. It is a really great resource and your enthusiasm is infectious.
Regional Deepwater Drilling Manager EMED
Noble Energy, Inc.
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Very much appreciate the forum, it is a great tool, and one that I encourage all of my colleagues to participate in.

Thanks for doing this for the industry.


Wells Manager
Ping Petroleum
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Keep up the good work, I can't believe it has been 15 years!  Thanks for sharing the site it is a great service and great to know SPREAD is there when you have a question.  When I used to work in an office (remember those crazy days!) the posts also used to spark a bit of discussion, which you will not see.

Keep up SPREADIng!

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Dave, thanks for keeping SPREAD going. I find it a great learning tool and I contribute when I can. The subject matter is so wide and varied that some of it shoots over my head but I try my best. I have probably been a bit lacking on it the last two months as have started up a new business with some laid off oil and gas workers in Aberdeen, its not oil and gas specifically but connected due to location. Sudelac Sanitising Services (S3) provides Cold ULV Fogging/Misting with non-hazardous treatments to kill germs in commercial premises. Trying to get it going now in anticipation of any second peak after we are more back to work than today. Stay well everyone. Regards Paul
Managing Director (
Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection Ltd.
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Thanks Tom.  We've had a rush of new members!
Drilling Consultant - Frontier Operations
SPREAD Associates
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Thanks for all this Dave.  I've contributed where I could, but it is humbling to see that after 40+ years of varied experience in the industry I still receive more than I can contribute.

Keep it up - with less training budgets and less gray hair around we need a method to share all the experience we have collectively gained (sometimes at great "cost"). 

We are in a darker period of our industry but realistically the sun won't set on it for many many years.
Ops Geologist
Dubai Petroleum
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Keep up the good work Dave. We always keep on learning new ideas and approaches.
Well Control Specialist - Senior Drilling Supervisor
SPREAD Associates
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Great site Dave. As one of your early members, I follow the discussions with great interest and know what forum I go to when I have a puzzling moment. I do my best to promote SPREAD at every opportunity and point others to the fabulous experts on hand to solve most puzzles. I look forward to many more years of Dave Taylor wisdom.
Fluids and Waste management Specialist
Chevron Corporation
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Agreed, please keep up the good work Dave.  I'm always learning new things and appreciate the knowledge sharing
best wishes
SPREAD Associates
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Hi Dave,

Keep up the good work and helping to SPREAD the knowledge.!

Surprised and disappointed that you only got a 10% response rate, but on the other hand I didn't get an e-mail, so maybe a distribution issue if you sent them out en masse?

I know that some systems / companies will automatically reject an e-mail as spam if they see more than a certain amount of external e-mail addresses on one e-mail.

All the best!



Note from Dave (moderator):

I didn't email members who have clearly been active recently, so some of you will have had your membership "rolled over". I have an admin panel that shows whether members have contributed a 'Start of Discussion' or taken the time to help others with an 'Answer' and also can see when that was.  So I didn't send active members any more emails.

Good point about spam/junk and that's another reason why we are culling membership to just those who are either really active or who express interest in being a member.  

If it's lost in spam, then that shows that the member hasn't noticed that they're not getting an alert = can't be that important to them.

We also get the occasional barbed comments about 'silly questions', and I do tend to edit out / block the more basic ones, but - guess what ? - we all needed to learn once.

I also help edit some questions in an effort to stimulate response.  I see the traffic about 6-14 hours before they are issued.
Well Construction Lead
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Hi Dave,

Thank you for your post today and congrats for running this initiative. It is highly appreciated.

I’m 60, leading a team of 8 drilling engineers 27 to 35 years old for clients in Europe Africa MENA.

We deliver studies for high end market wells DW,  HPHT, Foothills, ERD, with scopes covering Casing Wear, Csg Stand-Off, Bit-BHA Design, TnDnB, Fatigue, Drilling Hydraulics, Hole Cleaning, etc, using our proprietary solutions.

I’m encouraging my team to subscribe to rp-squared SPREAD forum as well as to SPE Drilling, Completion, and Data Sciences Digests forums.

I’ve been doing this for the past 5 years, reminding them during yearly appraisals.

Most of them highly appreciate SPREAD, asking me questions about their readings weekly (I work in an open space with them – but for the past 3 months mostly from home due to C-19) though their contribution is weak, they may feel shy about their experience knowing it takes years in Drilling & Completion to build up in competencies as D&C domains are so numerous.

Keep faith Dave and warm thanks to your society contributions



Note from moderator: 

Thanks for the kind words.

We do encourage less experienced members to ask questions too, as long as they have prepared their question (or answer) and are asking questions that could not be answered by Google (!).

I have learnt a lot from the answers to questions that I thought I already knew the answer to.

Drilling Specialist/Well Engineer/Training Consultant
Kingdom Drilling
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Keep up the great work. 

Where Having presented at some of the first SPREAD workshops, Way Way  back! also having run a best practices sharing site circa 1996 also at my own expense. 

All we can do is to ask people to each day look at themselves in the mirror and accept that they are part of the problems and solutions.

Whose at fault?  Rest assured I am! It’s all my fault! 

Be brave, Start the discussions, share all this potential wells drilling, life’s, knowledge experiences and oddities a wee tad more. 

Together can deliver and bring momentum’s of change?  

Let’s stay optimistic. 
Managing Director (
Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection Ltd.
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Ricardo makes a good point.

We are always happy to submit anonymously (not mentioning your name or company name), on your behalf, if company policy makes it difficult for you.

The reasons we would prefer you to do it directly in your name is that it carries more 'weight'.  You can always register a private email and as a 'SPREAD Associate'.

The other reason we like people to use their name is that it then encourages people who know them (personally on on social media) to help them.

Best wishes

Technical Assistant
Shaanxi United Mech Co Ltd
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Thanks Dave, this is a very useful platform. Thanks for sharing!
Will keep coming.
Drilling Team Leader
SPREAD Associates
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Dave: Thanks for sharing this site for us, promise to be more active on this, sometimes is not easy as when we are working company restrict the site on their private network and when we are on days off we don't usually check mails, will manage for sure
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