Sample Proposals to help me with my thesis

Dear esteemed forum members

I am a Geo-science post graduate and have been given an assignment that I hope you can help me with.

I'm not asking for any commercial or company-sensitive information, but am asking for your guidance to give me a jump-start.

There are two assignments:

1.  Drilling Co Action Plans and Protocols
A major Oil Co is looking for a competent drilling company to provide quality service in their new oil field.  You have been invited to present to the technical team on your capabilities to deliver high quality service with negligible downtime.

Please state your action plans and protocols to ensure these targets are reached.

2.  Cementing Co Action Plans and Protocols
Same as above, but for Cementing Services.

I would really appreciate any help and guidance that you could provide.

Thankyou very much and God Bless you

Note from moderator ( For those of you who might feel uncomfortable sharing material in a public forum, feel free to email to me and I will pass on to Chindinma and/or I can connect you directly with each other.
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