Fundamentals of 'Wellbore performance' in drilling operations.

We are currently constructing a Drilling operational, ‘Wellbore performance’ competence based instructional module as part of a ‘drilling engineers / drilling supervisors’ blended learning, skills development ‘training programs’ . 

Note: that will consist off approximately 14 modules.

To aide us in this ‘drilling fundamentals; module entitled ‘Wellbore performance;’ . We are interested to capture SPREAD members view on any of the following.   

  1. How are you or wold you define  ‘wellbore performance’ and fundamentals needing to be learned within drilling operations today?
  2. How are you evidently measuring all your drilling project's  wellbore performance (or loss related) problems ?
  3. How are you prioritising all related wellbore problems/issues and then proactively or reactively managing the risks 
    1. what hierarchal risk reducing evidence, examples can you share to substantiate this. 
  4. How, what, when, who is taking charge, owning, managing  all ‘wellbore performance’ fundamental  matter as defined in (1) during a drilling project from start to end. 
  5. How are mitigations being discussed and acted upon. Notably daily during drilling operational execution (phases, jobs, tasks and activities within the wellbore) 
  6. How are your defined ‘wellbore performance’ fundamentals  (SMARTer metrics) being learned from and closed out at the end of a project to assure learning is demonstrated as translated and sustained  to meet outcomes and benefits (well's value addition) desired. 
  7. What do we believe is warranted to progressively drive all ‘wellbore performance’ fundamentals as defined within your drilling operations to where you want them to do be. 

Lots of questions and more to be addressed within this proposed module ‘under construction’ to aide organizations next generation of well engineers and supervisors. 

All evidence based thoughts, comments, experiences, welcomed.




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