Relentless Pursuit wins "Helping hands" contract - starts performance contract in Indonesia

Relentless Pursuit of Perfection is pleased to announce that it has successfully started up a performance contract with bp Indonesia, on the Tangguh Exploration & Appraisal Project; which is being drilled with the COSL Bos jack-up.

We are providing a residential Office Co-ordinator and two wellsite coaches, one of whom is our first Indonesian employee. We were able to tap into the work that we did for this same bp group 2007-2009 including the full review of the 1400 lessons that we captured then.

We have also been awarded a shorter-term contract to provide our experienced ex-toolpushers and OIMs in an advisory capacity for a client in Europe.  We have called this "Helping hands" to diffentiate this from a "safety toolpusher" role.  Our contribution will be as much about guiding the less-experienced members of our 'patch to understand how to do the job effectively, making them look good and feel good about their work.

Contact for more information about this, and our other services: Team Alignment & Motivation, Recruitment, DWOP, HAZOPs & Risk Assessment, After-Action Review.

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