rp-squared returns to Papua New Guinea, also completes series of Deepwater DWOPs

Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Ltd (rp-squared to our friends) is pleased to confirm that we have re-entered PNG with a Performance Coaching Contract.  This follows a highly-successful Field Trip and "Next steps" Workshop, which saw the Planning & Ops Team agreeing a goal of 40% reduction in well costs over the next 12 months.  Our office team has already started, and our first wellsite team has arrived; our personnel are all highly-experienced Drilling personnel (typically from Drilling Co background, driller and above) so have also been assisting with rig mobilisation/commissioning works and operational support to the ongoing operation.

Separately, our Facilitation team conducted Deepwater-DWOPs in two West African countries within the same week.
  1. Feedback from Repsol Angola .. "John extremely professional and helpful. Will use again !"
  2. Feedback from Perenco Gabon .. "Good leadership from facilitator with practical input". "Getting Dave as a facilitator is the best way to make sure we get the maximum benefit from everybody", "Honestly I think that Dave´s intervention made the day dynamic and not too long for a such big meeting-thanks"
(If you have used us and wish to endorse our services, please feel free to do so my responding to this thread.

We are now preparing for a PMCD x HAZOP in SE Asia for the W'ford BTR system. This builds on on extensive knowledge gained from 2 other HAZOPs including for TOTAL/Shell in Malaysia.

We are rolling back the clock for several clients to the days when "appetite for performance" was celebrated ..  with our highly successful and motivational "Performance (Re)Awakening" seminars.

Watch this space as we hire a third facilitator (well-known to many of you !)to cope with existing and anticipated demand.

We are always on the look-out for facilitators (full-time or part-time, performance coaches, management mentors .. and. most of all, clients who are excited about bringing out the best in their teams.

So please get in touch .. dave@rp-squared.com or scott@rp-squared.com

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