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It’s NOT just about the money – the explanation is embedded in this story – “SHARING IS CARING”

We are very pleased and proud that rp-squared have just finished our 10th & 11th virtual (online) Workshops; for an IOC that is drilling an extensive wildcat ("frontier") Exploration campaign in Mexico.

The workshops were a DWOP & an HSE x DWOP, the latter including a thorough briefing about the regulatory framework.

Ove rfour (4)  sessions, we welcomed 120 people (who had all been extensively trained in our 'Beyond Video Conferencing' delivery model).

Attendees joined from:

·      USA

o   Houston, New York, Katy, New Orleans, Dallas, Knoxville, Sunningvale, Heritage Point, Galveston

·      Mexico 

o   Tampico, Mexico City, Villahermosa, Veracruz, Carmen, Xalapa, Cunduacan, and THE RIG

·      United Kingdom

o   Edinburgh, Inverurie, Aberdeen

·      Canada

o   Calgary, Lake County

·      Ecuador

o   Quito

·      Colombia

o   Bogota

·     Indonesia

o   Jakarta)

The technical break-out groups worked through 128 post-it notes, contributing a further 135 notes to the 'shared workspace' for a total of 263 discussion items. This led to 44 actions on the Action LOG (the same tool we use when providing HSE-Performance Coaches).

The HSE Groups Discussion raised 31 questions which resulted in an additional 33 responses.

Comments from participants:

" The virtual white board was excellent, best replacement so far for the stickies. Superb format, excellent facilitation",Well Engineering Mgr

"This is a win!", Drilling Supt

"I think you guys did an outstanding job", Drilling Supv

"Best virtual event I have attended", Service Co Co-ordinator

"Very well coordinated and exceptional opportunity to minimize the risk of contagion due to COVID-19, but while still carrying out this important part of the project for all", Service Co Co-ordinator

We are now in final preparations for a DWOP-LWOP(Log)-SWOP (Supply) for a client in KL.

But the most joyful moment this week was inspired by the winner of the quiz that we held during the DWOP.  We donate to a charity of the winner’s choice.

Here’s what she had to say, “Thank you very much for increasing the donation and again for encouraging us to think about others".

I did another donation inspired by this one to clean the oceans.

Now that’s why we like to feel we made a difference! 

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