New Group: Renewables

Dear members

We thinned out membership from almost 3000 to 1750, based on:
  • Lack of responses to our emails  where we asked, "Do you still want to be a member?"
  • Responses saying, "No thank-you"
  • or simply that the emails bounced (obsolete email) and, though we then tried two use Linked-in to re-connect, the member could not be contacted
Over the months (since COVID), membership has grown again to about 2000.

Our most recent member is from the 'Renewable's community, so we have created a Group for 'Renewables': Wind, Solar, Wave.

We have always have Geo-thermal, be cause that involved our 'traditional' skill-set (drilling and completion).

We also have HSE, Subsea and Sub-surface Groups.

We hope you can pass an invitation on to your friends and colleagues who might be interested in what this FREE forum has to offer. Options:

  • Using the Invite a Friend feature in your Profile
  • By simply forwarding the alert email to them
  • Using the Share feature at the bottom of this particular Discussion (click on the envelope)


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