Happy New Year into 2021

Dear members

Happy New Year to you all.  

2020 was a challenging year for most of us and it seems like it will be  while (if ever) before things return to normal.  We hope that it has not been too harrowing for you.

By now we probably all know someone who has come down with COVID-19; that includes my eldest daughter (Sophie) who serves as a doctor in London.  Thankfully, most people pull through, as she did.

Here on SPREAD, we ended 2020 with
  • 1908 members
  • 1582 Discussions on the system; average of 4 responses per thread
  • > 5 million hits since we started

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Relentless Pursuit of Perfection (the host company) had a tricky year.  In March, we were preparing for a workshop in Cairo, having just finished a 'Drilling Optimisation' Workshop there with another client, when the borders started to close.

For a few months, we re-tooled and extensively tested technology before unveiling our 'Beyond Video Conferencing' service.  This has been incredibly well-received by those brave (and fortunate) enough to trust their instincts and our track-record.  We have now delivered virtual versions of:

  • DWOPs
  • HAZOPs and HAZIDs (MPD)
  • CWOPs
  • AWOPs
  • TWOPs
  • HSE-events
  • LWOP (Log)
  • SWOP (Supply)
  • Intervention on Paper (CT Sand Clean-out and Smart-SL TTAC Investigation)
  • Operational Readiness Review

As we start into 2021, it's gratifying that our first series of workshops will be for one of last year's clients.

Clients well activity was in: UK, Norway, Denmark, Mexico, Malaysia and Indonesia.

We only provided one wellsite performance coaching team through 2020, for a valued and long-term client.  We have others ready to come off the bench and onto a rig near you.  

Please contact dave@rp-squared.com for a no obligation quote.

Best wishes

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