Building an alternative to Linked-IN for Energy Professionals

Dear members

I have been thrown off Linked-In for the second time, each time for taking on Russian trolls and/or those who are taking an anti-Ukraine stance.

It looks like it will be terminal this time. It is clear they are not going to sanction those others.

This week I will be conducting 4 days of free Performance training for a Ukrainian Energy company as my contribution to the war effort; having also made donations to hospitals, army pensions and orphanages.

As you may know, I own (15,000 members) and we have almost 3,000 here.

If I can afford it, I intend to focus my energy on building a better version of Linked-In.

Shortly I will post a link here for you to tell me, and my development team, what you would like this site to provide and also run a competition to come up with a super name.

Kind regards





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