Bragging Rights: Look Back and Forward

Dear members

As we look forward into 2023, it's also quite interesting to look back into 2022.

I'd like to share with you a few facts about rp-squared and rp-squared MANAGED PROJECTS, not all of which would spring to mind:

  • 38 x Workshops (cumulative = 580; in 65 countries; for 303 teams)
    • 6 x hybrid (cumulative = 8)
    • 21 x fully online (cumulative = 83)
    • DWOPs
    • CWOPs
    • TWOPs
    • AWOPs
    • Intercept Well on Paper
    • AAR
    • CO2 Injection Risk Assessment
    • SIMOPS Review
    • FPSO Flowline Disconnection Constructability Review
    • Performance Focus Sessions
    • Performance Seminars
  • 2 x Coaching Contracts
  • Operations in:
    • UK
    • Australia (and and offshore)
    • Israel
    • Gabon
    • Netherlands
    • Kurdistan
    • Caribbean
    • Japan
    • Malaysia-Thailand JDA
    • Malaysia
    • Pakistan
    • Austria
    • Azerbaijan
    • Namibia
    • Indonesia
    • Ukraine (delivered free-of-charge; it was the least that we could do)
  • Public Presentations
    • “If your Drilling Department was an Airline, would you fly with them?”

And as we move into 2023, we are well-advanced into:

  • Perfect start-up Workshops; integrated with WOCRM (Human Factors) and MENTALISM
  • Well Design Review (the first part of Well Examination)
  • Completion Design Study
  • Seismic Support Services
  • Plus already lined up: CWOPs and DWOPs in Europe, Australasia, Africa, North Africa, US and Middle East

Please take a look at the attachment and then ask yourself, “how can we get rp-squared involved in bringing out the best in our teams”.

You know how to contact us.

Kind regards


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