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Abandonments (facilities and/or wells)

Facilitate discussions on best practice for permanent facility and/or well abandonment.
Clearing the PGB of a large cement patio 44 214
BLOG : Relentless Pursuit of Perfection

Promote the work that Relentless Pursuit of Perfection (rp-squared) are doing. This allows the members to appreciate what we can do. If you hire us, it allows us to make money at doing what we do best... and spread the vision.
A competitor has been discovered claiming results that our coaches were principally responsible for 18 12
Casing & Liners

Matters relating specifically to casing and liners, including : centralisation, shoetracks, liner hangers, DV collars and so on. Includes wear-bushings and casing hangers
Sub group(s)
Closed-end conductor shoe 84 334

1.Cementing Equipment 2.Cements 3.Displacement 4.Plugback 5.Single Stage 6.Two Stage - Running & Cementing Casing & Liners
Sub group(s)
Cement spacers and chemical flushes current best practices and techniques 70 361
Coal Seam Gas

CSG-specific aspects
0 0
Coal-Bed-Methane / Coal-Seam-Gas

Discuss the challenges associated with CBM/CSG.
Well Bore Strengthening - Coal Seam Drilling 3 3
Coiled Tubing Drilling

All aspect of coiled tubing
coiled tubing drilling surface setup 2 4

1.Artificial Lift 2.Completion Equipments 3.Completion Fluids 4.Horizontal / ERD wells 5.Multi-Laterals 6.Multi-phase Flow 7.Perforating 8.Safety Issues 9.Sand control 10.Tubing Stress
Sub group(s)
Mitigation plans for tubing buckling during production 91 292
Contracts & Procurement Survey Enhancing Operational Performance Through Novel Risked Based Contracting Strategies for the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry 4 15
Data Acquisition

1.Coring Methods 2.FWFD Selection 3.Look Ahead Seismic 4.Permanent Monitoring 5.Subsurface Geophysics 6.Vert. Seismic Profile 7.Well Testing and Sampling 8.Wireline Logging
Sub group(s)
Drilling Data 18 90
Deepwater specific

Cover items specific to Deepwater activity
Mud requirement & Barite requirement for Offshore drilling 59 227
Directional Surveying

To gather views and information on correcting the errors associated with current Directional Surveying practices.
position uncertainty 14 66
Drill String Design Topic drive string swivel and free rotation capabilities (torque and drag?) 57 324
Drilling & Completion
Sub group(s)
Doe's anyone have experience of using WBM or slick water during MPD operations? 52 233
Drilling Equipment
Sub group(s)
Mud Pump swabs / piston selection 56 222
Drilling Fluids

1.Cementing and Zonal Isolation 2.Fluid Properties/Components 3.Formation damage 4.Selection/Design of mud 5.Solids control
Visco-Elastic Surfactant systems as Drill-in Fluids (DIFs-fluids used to drill the reservoir) 54 225
Drilling Operations
Sub group(s)
Uninterupted 'safe effective efficient' tripping in/out, Some Physical tripping evidence? Please. 131 685
Drilling Software

Evaluate and comment on existing Drilling Software as to the utility, ease of use, etc. 1. Existing: a. Technical, b. Operational, c. Office/Engineer, d. Rig Site/Supervisor, e. Other 2. Desired: a. Technical, b. Operational, c. Office/Engineer, d. Rig Site/Supervisor, e. Other
T&D Analysis - Buckling 14 52
Due Diligence

To cover the areas of Assurance; Readiness to Drill Risk Assessments; HAZIDs/HAZOPS etc.,
While drilling gas levels - what are your limits, how are they managed? 4 5
DWOP Comments

comments on DWOP
Sub group(s)
Use of an activate-able scraper in a drilling or cleanout BHA 18 100