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Coiled Tubing Drilling

All aspect of coiled tubing
coiled tubing drilling surface setup 2 4
Contracts & Procurement Survey Enhancing Operational Performance Through Novel Risked Based Contracting Strategies for the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry 4 15
Well Integrity

All aspects of well integrity other than cementing (see cementing Group)
Inflow Testing 5 11
Waste Management Drilling waste management software 1 0
Coal Seam Gas

CSG-specific aspects
0 0
Jakarta Drilling Manager's Forum

To allow Drilling Managers in Jakarta to exchange information and store documents in an informal manner.
BPMIGAS Operating Guidelines (PUPOP) 1 0
Geo-thermal well specific

Discuss items of relevence to geo-thermal wells. General, industry-specific items should be entered into the "mainstream" groups.
Geothermal wells 2 13

Promote discussion and knowledge sharing on expandables - incl. cement slurry design, use in HPHT wells etc.,
SET(Solid Expandable Tubular) in Ultra HPHT sections? 1 1
Rig Move

All aspect associated with rig-moves. Onshore: From start R/D, til ready to go operational; incl. transportation (land, sea, air) Offshore: From start pull anchors til anchors pre-tensioned and ready to operate; includes tow
LTL - Low Tide Level 4 18
Platform maintenance issues

Safety issues. Stop/ Go cards.
Hercules Deadline Anchor 2 3

To allow rp-squared to earn revenue from this site, so we can keep it FREE to all members
Sub group(s)
Urgent need for a petroleum engineering job experience 3 0

Share best practice and understanding of logistics best practice
Drilling Logistics - Lookahead 3 24
Coal-Bed-Methane / Coal-Seam-Gas

Discuss the challenges associated with CBM/CSG.
Well Bore Strengthening - Coal Seam Drilling 3 3
Subsea Engineering and Systems
Sub group(s)
MS700 stuck wearbushing 2 16
Due Diligence

To cover the areas of Assurance; Readiness to Drill Risk Assessments; HAZIDs/HAZOPS etc.,
While drilling gas levels - what are your limits, how are they managed? 4 5
Well Services

1.Coiled Tubing Tools 2.Rig Specification 3.Subsea Workover
Sub group(s)
Perforation without surface Indication and Losses 13 46
Drilling Software

Evaluate and comment on existing Drilling Software as to the utility, ease of use, etc. 1. Existing: a. Technical, b. Operational, c. Office/Engineer, d. Rig Site/Supervisor, e. Other 2. Desired: a. Technical, b. Operational, c. Office/Engineer, d. Rig Site/Supervisor, e. Other
T&D Analysis - Buckling 14 52
RP-squared announcements

Promote rp-squared (and, in some way, recoup the cost of running this site)
Sharing is a good sign of Caring 21 38
New Technologies Acquiring data to assist with difficult cement jobs 11 31
Workover Kill Well for Workover (Multi-Lateral) 13 51